Best Hybrid Solar Inverter in Pakistan 

When the battery inverter and the solar inverter are combined in a device, then the result is the hybrid solar inverter. The popularity of the hybrid solar inverter is increasing day by day due to its crucial benefits. Many companies in the market offer hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan. It keeps the solar system up to date because the updated technology of the hybrid solar inverter increases the efficiency of the system, and the result is you will get a zero electricity bill.

What is a Hybrid solar inverter?

A hybrid solar inverter converts the solar DC energy to alternating current AC. It has a dual backup source like the electric supply company and the batteries that keep the system functional without any interruption. That’s why it has gained popularity in Pakistan, especially in Lahore.

Working principle of the hybrid solar inverter:

The hybrid solar inverter is a combination of the grid and the battery bank. In the daytime, it converts the energy that is taken by solar panels, but at night, it takes the energy from the WAPDA. Somehow, the WAPDA is also outage or facing some maintenance issues then it takes the energy from the batteries to make the system functional.

How can you get the best hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan?

Several companies provide the best hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan at different prices, depending on the quality of the materials. Before installing the solar inverter you need to confirm the capacity of load first so that you can easily choose the best one as per your future assumption. UNI SOLAR is a leading company that uses the top hybrid solar inverters to increase the efficiency of your solar system.

Capabilities of a best hybrid solar inverter

Economic Advantage:

The best hybrid solar inverter increases the efficiency of the solar system. It helps to decrease electricity bills and produce carbon-free electricity.

Environment friendly:

Hybrid solar inverter is environment-friendly. It takes few energy as compared to traditional systems and produces less waste.

Noise level:

The major benefit of the hybrid inverter is that it produces some noise as compared to the traditional one. These are the best if you don’t like to live in a noisy environment.

High Efficiency:

The hybrid solar inverter increases the efficiency of the system. It converts the maximum of the DC current which is produced by the solar panels and converts it into alternating current AC to provide a smooth and uninterrupted supply of the electrical items.

Increase durability: 

The durability of the hybrid solar inverter increases and makes it unique. As compared to traditional, the hybrid solar inverter has a long life span.

The backup power mode of the solar hybrid inverters

If the electricity of the grid is not stable or there is a blackout. It starts to work as a UPS. This could happen in just 30ms (0.03s) depending on the quality of an inverter.

Here, we discuss the best hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan.

Inverex solar inverter:

inverex hybrid solar inverter in pakistan

Inverex Solar Inverter is a top choice among all the leading brands in Pakistan. It provides maximum output energy from your solar system. It showcases advanced features such as MPPT technology and weather-resistant construction. Solar Inverex is suitable to meet diverse needs for both domestic and commercial properties. Due to the advanced features the price of the Inverex solar inverter remains competitive.


The Growatt 5000 TL is a reliable and affordable solar inverter that is efficient and reliable for domestic purposes. It is capable of converting 98% of the DC electricity into AC electricity. It is the best for those who want to keep a close eye on their solar system and its performance. It allows the users to monitor the performance of the system.


The Solis 3.0 is reliable and budget-friendly. It is the best residential solar system for high efficiency and reliability. It can convert around 97% of the DC in AC. Its installation and maintenance are so easy.


Huawei is a leading company in the IT industry, and it brought its expertise in the solar energy sector with the SUN2000 series. The Huawei SUN2000 is a sign of efficiency, reliability, and affordability. Its converting power from DC to AC is 98.6%. It is suitable with single and three-phase power grids and makes a versatile option for a range of solar systems.


The Sungrow SH5K is a versatile, reliable, and affordable solar inverter that is designed especially for residential and small commercial solar energy systems. It has high efficiency, durability, and reliability. The conversion rate of DC into AC is 98.2%. The SH5K allows the users to monitor the performance and control it. It is the best for those who want to keep a close eye on the efficiency of the solar system.


When you need to choose the best hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan, you can find multiple companies in the market. To get a reliable and efficient solar inverter, you need to prepare yourself and get enough information to better communicate with solar service-providing companies.

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