Best ON Grid Solar System in Pakistan

The On grid solar system in Pakistan is a type of solar system that is connected to the grid and solar panels to meet your electric loads. The important key factor that you need to note down is that just solar panels are not the only source to provide enough electricity that can be used day and night. You need to rely on the electric supply that can provide electricity at night.

In the ON Grid solar solution, a WAPDA is connected to this system which acts as a backup source. UNI SOLAR is a well reputed company that provides off-grid and on-grid solar systems in Pakistan at an affordable price with top quality components.

What is an on grid solar system?

An On grid solar system is a grid-tie solar system that utilizes the electricity gained from the WAPDA as a backup source. This renewable energy setup is ideal because it does not rely on batteries and works independently. During the day time, it gains electricity from solar energy, and when the capacity of irradiation decreases then the system automatically switches to WAPDA.

How on grid solar system work in Pakistan?

  • Solar panels are installed on the roof or any other sunny area
  • These solar panels get solar energy and convert it into electricity
  • A converter is connected in this system that converts this DC electric current into AC alternating current
  • This AC is used to run the electric household items.
  • If the solar panels produce more than the required electricity, it will be provided to the grid through net metering to get a reasonable benefit.

on grid solar system in pakistan

Benefits of the on grid solar system in Pakistan:

There are various benefits of on grid solar system in Pakistan because there are around 7 – 8 peak hours when the solar irradiation is maximum, and you gain a maximum of solar energy. This system is the best-helping partner to make the economy strong and get enough electricity from the WAPDA as it needs.

Save cost:

To add on the net metering in this system, the electricity bill will be decreased because it gives the excess amount of produced units to WAPDA due to bi-directional functionality.

Solar panels do not produce any carbon that can disturb the environment. While it produces clean and environment-friendly electricity.

Make energy independently:

The on-grid solar system makes you independent in producing electricity and less reliant on the grid. You will get great benefits with the installation of the net metering and bring your electricity bill to zero.

Increase your properties value:

A house that has a solar system, sets apart itself from others and is considered as valuable. Because there is a solar setup installed, that produces neat and clean renewable energy. On this behalf, the price of this house will be increased.

How much budget is required to install the best on grid solar system in Pakistan?

The price of the on grid solar system depends upon the capacity of the load and the quality if the components.

10KW on grid solar system price in Pakistan

The 10KW on grid solar system in Pakistan is best if you consume 700 – 800 units per month. It is a suitable solar energy setup for domestic and commercial. The price range of a 10KW solar system is around Rs. 1,450,000 pkr to Rs. 1,550,000 pkr. Excluded from the battery and net metering charges.

12KW on grid solar system price in Pakistan

The 12KW on grid solar system in Pakistan is best for domestic and commercial levels, where you can get enough solar energy to overcome the electricity needs and make yourself economically strong to give the excessive amount of electric units to WAPDA. The average price of a 12KW solar system is Rs. 2,350,000 pkr.


The best On Grid Solar System in Pakistan is a top choice for domestic and commercial projects. It is cost-effective to get renewable energy to reduce electricity bills.

So, quote for the on-grid solar system as per your load requirement from your solar solution helping partner UNI SOLAR.

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