Best ON Grid Solar System in Pakistan

At Uni Solar, we are committed to providing the best solar energy solutions in Pakistan. Our team of experts is dedicated to designing and installing on grid solar systems that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of on grid solar systems in Pakistan and why choosing Uni Solar for your solar energy needs is the right decision.

How Does Pakistan’s ON Grid Solar System Operate?

On grid solar system

The Pakistani on-grid system operates according to the flowchart below:

Generation of Electricity

The PV cells in the solar panels generate electricity when the sun’s energy excites the electrons in the silicon of the solar plate. The weather may have some influence on the electrical generation; therefore, the output is not constant. It might fluctuate or it might not, but even if there is a change, it is not significant enough to cause problems.

Transmission of Electricity

Since the generated electricity is transmitted to the inverter for additional use using a system of highly conductible wires, the loss is minimized. The mass transport of electrical energy from power facilities to substations.

Conversion of Electricity

The direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar plate system cannot be utilized by the premises’ appliances. The electricity is transformed into usable 240 V alternating current by the grid-tie best solar inverter.

Supply of Electricity

The inverter generates alternating current, which is then sent to the home and used by the users. The residence receives its power from the grid at night, when no electricity is produced.

Using Net Meters

The Net Metering System is used to transfer the extra electricity generated by the on grid solar system during the day to the grid. The electrical units supplied to the grid are taken into consideration by this mechanism.

The customer receives credit units in exchange for the product, which he can use during off-peak hours to lower the bill to zero.

Benefits of On Grid Solar Systems in Pakistan

On grid solar system

Due to their many advantages, on-grid solar systems are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. The main benefit of an on-grid solar system is that it is linked to the main power grid, allowing for the sale of extra energy produced by the solar panels to the grid.

This allows homeowners to reduce their electricity bills significantly and even earn money by selling their excess energy back to the grid. Due to their connection to the main power grid, on grid solar systems are also more dependable than off-grid ones.

This means that homeowners can continue to use electricity from the grid during times of low solar energy production or at night when the solar panels do not produce any energy.

Choosing Uni Solar for Your On Grid Solar System

Every customer has different energy needs, and at Uni Solar we recognize this. For this reason,
We provide specialized on grid solar systems in Pakistan that are created to satisfy the unique requirements of each client.

Our team of experts will collaborate to choose the appropriate system size, panel type, and inverter for your residence or place of business. Your on grid solar system will be dependable and effective for many years because we only use solar panels and hardware.

The installation process will be handled by our team of skilled installers from beginning to end, ensuring that your system is installed accurately and effectively. To keep your on grid solar system performing at its best, we also provide extensive maintenance and support services.

Our staff is available to address any queries or worries you may have regarding your system and to perform any required upkeep or repairs.

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