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Solar energy has been gaining momentum as a reliable, affordable, and sustainable
source of electricity in Pakistan. The country’s sunny climate and the government’s
focus on renewable energy have led to a surge in the adoption of solar systems in
Pakistan. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on solar power systems in
Pakistan, covering everything from their types, benefits, installation process, and cost.

Types of Solar Systems in Pakistan

Solar SystemFirstly, they are a reliable source of electricity, particularly in areas with frequent powerThere are primarily three types of solar systems available in Pakistan: 

Grid-Tied Solar Systems
Off-Grid Solar Systems
Hybrid Solar Systems
Grid-tied are connected to the main electricity grid, and the excess
electricity produced by the solar panels is fed back into the grid.
Off-grid is not connected to the electricity grid, and the energy
produced by the solar panels is stored in batteries.
Hybrid is a combination of grid-tied and off-grid systems and offers the
best of both worlds.

Benefits of Solar Systems in Pakistan

It has several benefits for homeowners and businesses in Pakistan.

Outages. Secondly, solar energy systems are environmentally friendly and help reducecarbon

Thirdly, they offer long-term cost savings as they reduce electricity bills
significantly. Additionally, the government of Pakistan offers several incentives and
subsidies to encourage the adoption of solar power systems in the country.
Installation Process: The installation process of a solar system in Pakistan involves
several steps, including:
Site Inspection
Designing the System
Procuring Equipment
Testing and Commissioning

Site inspection involves assessing the location, roof type, shading, and other factors
that may impact the solar system’s performance. After the site inspection, the solar
system’s design is finalized, and the equipment is procured.

Installation involves mounting the solar panels, installing the inverter, and connecting the system to the main
electricity grid. Finally, the system is tested and commissioned to ensure it works

Cost of Solar Systems in Pakistan

The cost of a solar system in Pakistan depends on several factors, including the
system’s size, type, and location. Generally, an ON-Grid solar costs between
PKR 100,000 to PKR 200,000 per kW, while off-grid solar costs between
PKR 200,000 to PKR 300,000 per kW.

Hybrid solar costs between PKR 150,000to PKR 250,000 per kW.The solar energy industry in Pakistan is rapidly growing and has significant potential for future growth. With the government’s support, the industry is expected to play a significant
role in achieving the country’s renewable energy targets. Switching to solar energy can provide numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, lower electricity costs, and increased energy independence.
At Uni-Solar, we are committed to helping you make informed decisions about your
energy needs and providing you with high-quality solar energy solutions.

Why Uni-Solar Is Pakistan’s Best Choice For Solar Solutions

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Solar Services In Pakistan

As the top solar company in Pakistan, Uni-Solar offers a full range of services with the goal of making the conversion to solar energy as simple as possible for clients. We offer solar energy system installation and after-sales support to provide the best service level agreement.

Our Services

Recognizing Fault

Fuse and breaker detection.

Charge/Discharge Status

Measuring battery charging and draining to prolong life.

Client Updates

Informing customers of system status.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Demineralized Water Pumping, and bi-monthly solar panel washing to boost production.

Call Sustenance 24/7 for solar emergencies or complaints.

Solar Panel Checkup

Make sure solar panels and their mounting are in place.

Optimizing generation

Cost-effectively optimizing the solar-powered system product.

Physical Exam

Inverter inspections every two weeks.

Managing Money

Installing the system economically.

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