Jinko is a well-known solar company that provides high-quality solar panels in the Pakistani market at reasonable prices. We have both types of Jinko solar panels mono perc and poly perc. These panels have come in different series like Eagle, Cheetah, and Tiger. The Jinko solar panels price in Pakistan depends upon the plate size like 150 watts, 250 watts, 580 watts, 585 watts, etc.

Factors Affecting Jinko Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

Many factors impact the jinko solar panels price in Pakistan like panel model, plate size, import duty, and government taxes. But nowadays jinko solar panels prices are down in Pakistan. The estimated prices of jinko solar panels start from 12000/and maximum to 28000/ in Pakistan.

Where to get Jinko Panel?

Many online sellers like Uni Solar provide solar panels, like Jinko Solar or many more brands. You can easily buy jinko panels from us with just only one click we will deliver your order to your doorstep within in day. So feel free to purchase jinko solar panels in Pakistan.

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