580 watt solar panel Price in Pakistan 2024

580 watt solar panel price in pakistan

580 watt solar panel Price in Pakistan 2024

The 580 watt solar panel has become famous in Pakistan because of its better performance and efficiency than the previous 550-watt solar panel. These plates are new technology but it’s not too costly. A 580 watt solar panel price in Pakistan is between PKR 24650 to PKR 27260. This is a good choice for those who want to upgrade their solar power systems. In this article, you will get the knowledge of different companies in Pakistan and also discuss the cost of 580-watt panels.

Overview of 580 watt solar panel price In Pakistan

The 580-watt solar panel is an affordable option for producing solar energy in Pakistan. About 3 units are produced by this panel every day, for a monthly total of almost 700 units. The 580 watt solar panel price in Pakistan offers considerable financial advantages when taking into consideration electricity savings. For those trying to save energy expenses and improve efficiency, this makes it a great purchase.

580 watt solar panel in pakistan

Rate List of 580-watt solar panels

Longi 580-watt solar panel price in Pakistan                 = 24650 – 26100

Jinko 580-watt solar panel price in Pakistan                  = 27,260­ – 29,000

Canadian 580-watt solar panel price in Pakistan          = 26,680 – 29,000

Astroenergy 580-watt solar panel price in Pakistan     = 24,940 – 26100

Longi Himo-6 solar panel

The famous company Longi provides the Himo-6 solar panels to Pakistan. These solar panels are a popular option for solar systems due to their great efficiency and dependability. Longi solar panels in Pakistan are made to perform their best, giving customers the most return on their solar technology investment. The Himo-6 solar panels offer an affordable and sustainable energy option for both business and residential applications. Longi Himo-6 580 watt solar panels price in Pakistan starts from 24650 to 26100.

longi 580 watt solar panel

Canadian n-type bifacial

A new invention in the solar industry is the Canadian N-type bifacial solar panel which is known due to its great efficiency and low cost. With conventional single-faced panels, these panels are used to collect sunlight from both sides. It means the energy generation is high. The increasing popularity of Canadian solar panels in Pakistan can be attributed to their durability and affordability. This represents a strong return on investment. The Canadian solar panels price in Pakistan is starting from 26,680 to 29,000. The price can be changed day by day due to currency deflations.

canadian 580 watt solar panels

Jinko n-type bifacial

An innovative solar power technology is the Jinko N-type bifacial solar panel is renowned for its capacity to absorb sunlight from both sides of the panel. Compared to conventional single-sided panels, the system’s total efficiency is increased by its dual-sided feature, increasing productivity. Assuring long-term dependability and energy savings, Jinko solar panels are popular for their performance and longevity. The residential and commercial clients who want to maximize their investments in solar power systems Jinko solar panels are the best choice. 580 Jinko solar panels price in Pakistan starts from 27260 to 29000.

580 watt solar panel price in Pakistan

Astroenergy n-type

Astroenergy is a relatively new company in the solar market, they have a reputation for providing high-quality products. Their N-type solar panels are particularly well-made and efficient. Astroenergy 580-watt solar panels price in Pakistan from PKR 24,940 to PKR 26,100. For those looking for reasonably priced, dependable, and efficient solar panels, this makes them an excellent option.


Due to its higher performance and efficiency over the previous 550-watt models, the 580-watt solar panel is becoming more and more popular in Pakistan. Despite featuring more recent technology, these panels remain reasonably priced, ranging from PKR 24,650 to PKR 27,260. For those wishing to upgrade their solar power systems, this makes the 580-watt solar panel an excellent option. We’ve looked at several Pakistani businesses and discussed the cost of 580-watt solar panels. The range of options offered, from Longi to Jinko and Canadian to Astroenergy, guarantees that customers may select a panel that suits their energy requirements and budget, increasing the effectiveness and accessibility of solar power for a larger audience.


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