Solar system Installation in Pakistan

Solar system Installation in Pakistan

Solar system Installation in Pakistan

You are not the only one who is thinking about utilizing the energy of the sun. Therefore, the popularity of solar panels is increasing day by day as people know about their benefits. Solar panels gained popularity in Pakistan in a very short period because it is a country where sun irradiation is more significant. Usually, there are 300 days of sunshine in a year to get solar energy, and this power can be utilized to turn on electrical devices. Peak sun hours are around 7 to 8 per day in summer. That’s why the importance of solar system installation in Pakistan is increase day by day. This feature makes it unique to adopt the solar energy to overcome the inflation.


Are you thinking of investing the money in solar panels? Right then this information is for you. The popularity of solar system installation in Pakistan is becoming more and more as people know about their key features. Solar panels not only help you to be independent from fossil fuels but also help you to save money. With so many features of solar panels, UNISOLAR came into the market to install the solar system in Lahore.

In this guide, we will talk about everything so that you can get enough knowledge to communicate with solar companies to control the energy bills and make your economic condition better.

Why did you need to consider the solar panels?

There are so many factors to consider the solar panels for investment. First of all, it provides clean and reliable energy to accelerate the electrical devices. It provides sustainable energy that makes you independent from the natural resources, which are decreasing day by day. Therefore, it is compulsory to save fossil fuels for the future and rely on renewable energy resources. Secondly, you can save money for the long term. You can say that the initial cost is high of solar projects. But when you consider compare it with traditional energy resources you will know that you are making a great investment for a long period. Thirdly if you generate more energy that is in excess of your needs, you can give them to the grid and take the benefits in electric bills.

Key factors that you need to consider for solar system installation:

In this guide we will discuss the factors that you need to know before installing the solar panel system:

Load capacity:

Firstly, you should know about the load that is required for your domestic, commercial, or industrial projects.

Condition of the roof:

The condition of the roof matters a lot to install the solar system. If the roof has cracked then you need to fix it. A slop-type roof is the best for better results but if you have a plain floor then it makes it sloppy with additional items.

Sun exposure:

Assure that the roof gains maximum solar irradiation, especially at peak time like in midday. In this way, the maximum light of the solar will be hit on the solar system and you gain the maximum energy to reduce the electric bills. Finding a suitable position on the roof is a top priority in the installation process.

Roof space:

There should be an extra space when you need to install more solar panels depending upon the load capacity. Therefore, there must be a space on your roof for the future. The roof must be enough strengthen to withstand the load of the solar panels for 20 to 25 years.

Unshaded roof:

Make sure that the roof must be open, there is no shaded area that can cover the solar panels to reduce its efficiency.

Step-by-step guide for solar system installation in Pakistan:

Here, we discuss the installation process of solar panels to get the maximum results to overcome power inflation as well as save money.

Site evaluation:

Before starting the installation process of the solar system. The installers or engineers must overview the site to gain information about the roof, the main point where sun exposure is maximum, and the strength or age of the roof. In this way, you have to ensure that the roof can bear the load of solar panels for 20 to 25 years.

Proper placement on the roof:

Install the solar panels on the roof, and mount them on a high-quality stand if the floor of the roof is plain. Their face must be on the sun’s side so that they can take maximum sun irradiation to generate electricity. Avoid using a roof that is shaded, it can create resistance to the sunlight. Make sure that the connection of the solar panels is attached properly.

Use high-quality wires:

Wires play a vital role in this procedure. A good quality of wires can produce low resistance so that the maximum energy can flow.

Top quality batteries:

A good quality battery bank stores the energy which is produced by the photovoltaic cell. There are different types of batteries are available in the market. A charge controller must be added to the batteries to check and maintain the charging point. Lithium batteries are the best for solar system installation in Pakistan. Its discharging time is very slow as compared to other batteries but it is charged quickly.

A top-notch inverter:

The inverter which is used in the installation of the solar system must be from a verified company. This is a crucial part of this process that converts direct current (which is produced by the solar panels) to the alternating current to accelerate the electrical equipment. A good quality inverter converts the maximum energy without any waste.

Protection on AC and DC side:

To make the solar system process effective, then you need to use the protections or surges. These surges prevent any uncertain hazards that can destroy one of the equipment.

Install net metering:

Net metering works in bi-direction. So your solar panels produce more energy than your requirement. You can give this electricity to the grid station and can generate a handsome amount or get low energy bills.


If you want to invest in solar panels then it is necessary to do research on which solar panels are good to perform the best work. We know your hard-earned money therefore, we describe it briefly. This comprehensive guide will help you to get reliable and affordable solar panels.

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