Top 10 Rooftop solar companies in Pakistan

Rooftop solar companies in pakistan

Top 10 Rooftop solar companies in Pakistan

Over the last decade, Pakistan has been generating renewable energy resources in the field of solar energy due to the heavy sunshine day’s maximum in a year. Usually, in summer, 7 – 8 hours are on peak per day. When the radiation of the sun is so high, this is a great time to utilize this energy. The key benefit of solar energy is that it is a reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy source that makes our environment clean and reduces the electric bill. There are various rooftop solar companies in Pakistan, especially in Lahore, that provide these solar power systems as per your load capacity.

How do you know about rooftop solar companies in Pakistan?

There are various solar companies in the market that provide solar installation services. In this scenario, the company’s profile matters a lot which shows their completed project details, installation charges, and the price of the equipment.

Here, we will discuss the best rooftop solar companies in Pakistan, which provide sustainable energy resources to reduce electricity consumption and help make the country economically strong.


UNI SOLAR is one of the best companies in the list of rooftop solar companies that have provided solar energy services for the last decade. Offers free consultation and surveys facility to accommodate the customer so you can easily understand the technical points to get the maximum electricity. The main thing apart from UNISOLAR is to provide the best quality of solar panels, batteries, and inverters at an affordable price. Having a fruitful relationship with the leading companies of solar panels and inverters. They import directly that’s why you can get a high quality of equipment as per your pocket budget.

UNI SOLAR provides all types of solar systems like on-grid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, and hybrid solar systems. They have a long list of satisfied customers in the domestic, commercial, industrial, and agriculture. They have a professional team who are fully equipped with updated tools to cover up the project professionally. The headquarters of UNI SOLAR is in Lahore, while the company also provides its utmost services throughout the country.

When it needs to install solar systems in multinational industries, hospitals, universities, schools, and the agricultural sector, no other solar company is better than UNI SOLAR, to provide the top quality materials, low prices, and free consultation. Therefore, it is the best solar company in Lahore that accommodates you in domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural at an affordable price.

Specialty in sectors:

  • Domestic sector
  • Commercial sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Agriculture sector

Reon Energy

Reon Energy is one of the best rooftop solar companies in Pakistan. It is part of the Dawood Hercules Corporation and has its head office in Karachi. Reon Energy provides exceptional services and high-quality solar system products.

Sympl Energy

Sympl Energy also ranks among the top solar companies in Pakistan due to its ability to provide renewable energy resources at an affordable budget, allowing customers to easily obtain green energy and reduce their electricity bills.

Alpha Solar

Alpha Solar is a comparatively new solar solution company that provides off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid solar systems. Its performance in the market is impressive, which is why it is on the list of top rooftop solar companies in Pakistan.

Pantera Energy

Pantera Energy is a unique name in the industry to provide reliable and cost-effective rooftop solar systems. Due to their efficiency and commitment, they are considered to be the best solar companies on the list.

FB Energy

It is comparatively new in the market and has gained a suitable place by providing a top-tier solar power system under the Four Brother Group. Their motto is to reduce carbon footprints and produce cost-effective and reliable energy solutions.

Sky Electric

Sky Electric specializes in solar panel installation and it is one of the best rooftop solar companies in Pakistan. They provide free consultation and survey facilities to assist you in providing the solar system on an affordable budget.

City Solar

City Solar is a new player in the market, and young entrepreneurs are behind this company. They have a goal to provide a top-quality rooftop solar system at an economical price. Therefore, it is on the list of top solar companies.

ZI Solar

It specializes in providing expertise in energy management. It offers solar solutions as per customers’ requirements in every sector, such as domestic, commercial, industrial, or agricultural.

It is Pakistan’s first online solar company, providing cost-effective solar products to generate carbon-free energy. The company also provides solar system installation services, net metering, and solar maintenance services. It is dedicated to providing reliable solar solutions for multinational industries, educational institutes, and hospitals.


Solar energy plays a vital role in making the country more sustainable and energy-independent; that’s why Pakistan is making progress in the solar system with each passing day. Among these top solar companies, UNI SOLAR stands out as one of the best solar systems in Pakistan. It helped various businesses to reduce their electric bills and get reliable energy.

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