Tubewell solar system in Pakistan

tubewell solar system in pakistan

Tubewell solar system in Pakistan

The solar system plays an important role in the field of agriculture. The main problem that farmers face is the water. Due to the excess amount of electricity and diesel prices, they cannot provide water properly to their crops. Therefore, people choose the tubewell solar system in Pakistan. It is a renewable energy resource that provides free electricity to accelerate the motor of the tube well. So that you can easily give water to the crops.

Companies that provide tubewell solar system in Pakistan:

There are different companies in the market which provide the best quality of the solar panels. Some of the leading brands, like Jinko, Canadian, and Longi, provide high-end solar plates. They have the latest technology-made photovoltaic cells, which absorb the maximum of solar energy to generate electricity. Therefore, the price of the solar system for tubewell in Pakistan varies according to the load capacity and type of the plates.

Which type of solar system is best for the tubewell?

Normally, solar systems fall into three different types, which provide sustainable energy in an environmentally friendly way. The best type of solar system for tubewell in Pakistan due to the high fluctuation of the voltages is the off-grid solar system. It is an independent system from the grid station to produce electricity. In the daytime, it operates directly with the help of solar power because 7 – 8 hours are peak when the radiation of the sun is very high. At that point, the PV cells absorb the maximum amount of solar power and convert it into electricity. But after the sunset, this system takes the power from the batteries. Batteries are charged enough to provide electricity to the motor and start the watering of the crops. 

The role of government in the solar system for tubewell in Pakistan:

The government of Pakistan is also interested in installing the solar system for tubewell in Pakistan. They provide subsidies to the farmers so that they can easily install this system and take part in making the country economically strong. When the farmers care for the crops properly, they will contribute to making this homeland strong. You can easily install the solar system as per the required load. This system is very vast, you can install as much as you can.

Marketing strategy for tubewell solar setup:

Due to the various benefits farmers shift their electrical equipment like tubewell on the solar. Therefore, the value of the solar panels is increasing every day. The market for solar panels is very high because everyone wants to convert their electric load to the solar system. These are available in the market in three different types, it is up to you that you will finalize according to your budget and your surrounding era.

Price of the tubewell solar setup in Pakistan:

The price of the solar setup for tubewell varies due to the quality of the equipment like solar panels, batteries, inverter, mounting structure, and installation charges. Solar panels have different types of PV cells and differ in the load capacity. Inverters are also available in different sizes, quality, and efficiency. Those inverters that provide maximum efficiency are a little higher in price as compared to others.

The best solar solution provider in Pakistan

Different companies offer solar solutions in Pakistan, but the problem is that it is reliable and authentic to provide high-quality solar equipment. In this scenario, a unique name and the customer’s top choice of UNI SOLAR came into the market. They provide high-end quality solar panels, inverters, and other equipment. Due to having a professional team, they provide an unforgettable look after installation and hand over the task on time.


Solar energy has become a necessity for everyone due to its various benefits and helping to make it economically strong. UNI SOLAR plays a crucial role in this way, they provide high-end quality panels so that you can start to generate electricity after installation and bring your electricity bill to zero.

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