Lithium battery price in Pakistan

lithium battery price in pakistan

Lithium battery price in Pakistan

Are you looking for reliable and affordable lithium batteries in Pakistan? Then you are at the right place. Your helping partner UNI SOLAR provides these utmost batteries at an affordable price. So that you can get high-density and quick-charge batteries for your solar system and control your household items easily.


Lithium batteries are the most advanced technology from the other battery chemistries due to their lithium iron phosphate. This uniqueness is behalf of high energy density and low cost per cycle. In renewable energy applications, the main key factor of chemistry is lithium iron phosphate. This chemistry makes it unique in providing excellent safety, a high current rating, great thermal stability, and a long life cycle. Due to its strong molecular bond, it can withstand extreme charging. As compared to other alkaline batteries it provides full voltage even if it is at its ending charge. That’s why lithium battery price in Pakistan is vary according to their chemistry.

How lithium batteries are better than others?

Lithium batteries are safe and do not emit dangerous gases like hydrogen and oxygen as compared to other flooded lead acid batteries or other battery chemistries. There is no danger of exposure to electrolytes like sulfuric acid or potassium hydroxide. These are the best to be placed in limited space without any risk of explosion. These are designed in such a way that there is no need for proper cooling or venting.

Lithium batteries are made to assemble the assembly of cells, just like lead acid batteries. Normally lead acid batteries have a 2V/cell but lithium has a normal voltage of 3.2V/cell. In this scenario, you need to connect four cells in series to get 12V but typically you will have 12.8V. Further, if you connect eight cells in a series to make a 24V battery typically you will have a 25.6V. Working of these voltages are next level with 12V and 24V inverters.

Lithium batteries are normally replaced with lead acid batteries due to the similar charging voltages. These are the best to install in the solar system process depending upon their efficiency and long life span.

Importance of lithium ion batteries:

Lithium ion batteries are the most common batteries that drive the life cycle of many people. These have multiple characteristics that make them unique compared to other batteries. Therefore, the lithium ion batteries price in Pakistan is a little bit costly but their features are top-notch. This is the main reason that lithium batteries are used to power everything from smartphones to electric cars.

lithium battery price in pakistan

Best lithium battery price in Pakistan

UNI SOLAR is a well-known company that has a mission to provide top-quality of materials in an economical price. Anyhow, there are a lot of companies who claim about original lithium batteries and charge a heavy amount. But you need to contact a trusted supplier UNI SOLAR to get the best lithium batteries for your solar system.

Key features of lithium-ion batteries:

Extraordinary energy density:

If we talk about the energy store capacity, lithium batteries are best due to their top performance. Therefore, the density of the lithium batteries is more than other batteries relative to the size of the batteries. Normal batteries can hold about 50 to 100 wh/kg, but the capacity of lithium batteries is between 260 to 270 wh/mg.

Lightweight ability:

Normally Lithium batteries are less weight than traditional batteries. These lie between 50 to 60% less than the other batteries. This ability makes it unique to compact and handheld devices.

Long discharging time:

Lithium batteries have a long life span as compared to other batteries. Normally its performance is 10 times more than lead acid batteries. That’s why the lithium ion battery price in Pakistan is a little bit more than the traditional batteries due to its extraordinary characteristics.

Long term performance:

The efficiency of all batteries is down with time but when it comes to long-term performance the rate of lithium batteries is high. After around 200 cycles the lithium batteries continuously offer 80% of rated capacity.

Temperature bearable:

Other batteries do not work properly in the high temperature but the lithium battery can survive in this condition easily. Depending upon this functionality to provide better performance in the extreme temperature too, the lithium battery price in Pakistan is a little bit higher as compared to other batteries.

Quick charging:

The charging phenomena of batteries matter a lot. Quick charging ability makes the lithium batteries unique with high discharging time. Therefore it is used in smartphones, laptops, and electric cars and for solar systems.

Best manufacturer of Lithium battery:

Different companies make lithium batteries to make life easier. Well-known companies like CATL, Panasonic, Samsung SDI, Tesla, Manly, and SVOLT make reliable and affordable lithium batteries that provide outstanding results.

Capacity of lithium ion batteries:

The capacity of lithium-ion batteries depends upon the manufacturer’s style. It would be expressed on batteries in the form of ampere-hours (Ah) or milliampere-hours (mAh).

Market trend of Lithium battery price in Pakistan:

Due to its high efficiency, sustainability in high temperatures, and quick charge characteristics, it is unique and trendy. Therefore the country imports the li-ion batteries to overcome the demand. The popularity of lithium batteries is increasing due to the power backup and the installation of PV solar systems. These are the best for getting long-term benefits.


Lithium batteries are the top-rated technology that has various benefits to make life easier. These have a long life span, withstand high temperatures, provide the complete voltage cycle even at the ending charging point, and quick charge. The price of lithium batteries is higher as compared to others but they provide beyond the level of facilities. If you want to install lithium batteries then no one is better than UNISOLAR. So contact us today our customer care will entertain you effectively.

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