25KW solar system price in Pakistan

25kw solar system price in pakistan

25KW solar system price in Pakistan

Want a quotation for a 25KW solar system price in Pakistan? No one is better than UNI SOLAR to provide an affordable and reliable 25KW solar system in Pakistan at an affordable budget with functional net metering. Everyone wants to get clean and renewable energy, the reason is simple everyone wants to get rid of hefty bills and wants to reduce the electric bills. Therefore, the aim of UNI SOLAR is to provide a 25KW solar system at a minimum cost. Make 25KW solar work as your helping partner so that your electrical devices can be run without any voltage fluctuation.

Reduce your monthly electric units

25KW solar inverter is the best for small business owners or a residential house if your monthly consumption of electric units is between 2800 – 3000 units. It makes you independent from the electric grid to produce enough electricity that your electrical devices need. UNI SOLAR installs net metering to make your electricity bills zero in case the excess amount of electricity is generated by your solar system. It gives the extra units to the utility electric company to get reasonable benefits.

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How to get the best 25KW solar system price in Pakistan?

UNI SOLAR, your best-helping partner, provides various capacities of solar systems in Pakistan depending upon your electric load. With the help of a professional team, you will be able to generate maximum electricity on the very first day. The average 25KW solar system price in Pakistan is Rs. 2,885,000 pkr to Rs. 2,909,000 pkr.

How many solar panels are needed for a 25KW solar system?

There are various solar panels are available in the market depending on their size and capacity.

  • 550W of solar panels will be installed, 46 solar panels
  • 580W of solar panels will be installed, 44 solar panels
  • 585W of solar panels will be installed, 43 solar panels

Types of solar systems:

Three types of solar systems help to produce electricity and meet our load capacity.

ON-Grid 25KW solar system:

In On-Grid, the system is tied with the utility-supplied company. It works as a backup source. Suitable for commercial and industrial to make the electricity bill zero with the help of net metering. Net metering allows to give your excess amount of electricity to the utility supplier company like WAPDA to overcome the electric bills.

OFF-Grid 25KW solar system:

In OFF-Grid, your whole system works independently, because it does not rely on any electric supply company. Batteries are connected with the system for backup sources when the sun is not present. OFF-Grid solar panel is best for remote areas where you cannot get proper electric supply from any electric supply company.

Hybrid 25KW solar system:

Hybrid is the combination of the ON-Grid and OFF-Grid. It works dually due to having two backup sources, like the utility supply company and the battery bank. Somehow, electric sully company faces any shutdown period, your system will work properly and take the energy from the batteries.

Appliance you can run on 25KW solar panel:

This solar system produced roughly 3100 – 3200 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month and that is enough to run any mini-industry like a factory or related stuff.

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