Solar System Price in Pakistan 2023 – Uni Solar

Solar System Price in Pakistan 2023 – Uni Solar

Solar system in Pakistan, Good on you! it’s a solid investment. Why it’s so important, especially for Pakistan and solar system prices in Pakistan.

Why Solar?

Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is clean. Do you know that whole climate change thing? Solar can help mitigate it.

Economic Benefits

It’s not just Mother Earth that benefits; your wallet does too. Imagine slashing your electricity bills in half or solar system prices in Pakistan.

Types of Solar Systems

Grid-Tied Systems

Think of this like being part of a community. Your system is connected to the grid, and any excess energy gets fed back.

Hybrid Systems

A middle-of-the-road option. It’s like having the best of both worlds: grid-tied but with backup.

Off-Grid Systems

You’re not connected to the grid. It’s just you and your solar setup.

Solar System Sizes


Ideal for small households. Expect to pay around Rs.550,000 to Rs.600,000.


A common choice for medium-sized households, costing about Rs.1,150,000.


 The price hovers between Rs.1,450,000 and Rs.1,550,000.

Solar System Price in Pakistan

A 3KW system can set you back Rs.545,000, while a 12KW system is about Rs.2,350,000. Quite a range.

Components Affecting Price

Solar Panels

The average panel costs around Rs.50,000.


It’s the brains of your solar system in Pakistan.


Optional, but they can be a game changer.

Installation Costs

Expect to pay a pretty penny. But it’s a one-time thing.

Incentives and Financing

Look into government grants and low interest loans. They can give you a helping hand.

Net Metering

You can actually make money by selling excess energy back to the grid.

Saving Estimates

Depending on your system size, you could save a boatload over time.

Quality vs Price

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Don’t skip on quality.

Local vs Imported Systems

Local might be cheaper, but imported systems often offer better quality.

Operational Costs

Maintenance is very easy, and won’t cost you this.


Investing in a solar energy company in Pakistan is like putting money in a savings account, but the interest is way better! you’re doing a solid for the planet. So what are you waiting for?

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