Huawei On Grid Inverter SUN2000-12-15-17KTL-M5

The Huawei SUN2000-12-15-17KTL-M5 is a three-phase grid-tied PV string inverter designed for residential and commercial applications. It has a maximum power output of 12 kW, 15 kW, or 17 kW and can be used with a variety of PV modules. The inverter is equipped with two MPPTs, which allows it to optimize power production from multiple PV arrays. It also has a high efficiency of up to 98.4%, which means that it converts a large percentage of the DC power from the PV modules into AC power that can be used by the grid or by your home or business.

Here are some of the key features of the Huawei SUN2000-12-15-17KTL-M5:

  • High efficiency of up to 98.4%
  • Two MPPTs for optimal power production
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Optional DC switch
  • Smart monitoring and management
  • Advanced AFCI and anti-PID protection
  • Type II surge arresters for DC and AC
  • IP65 protection degree
  • Flexible communication options: WLAN, Fast Ethernet, and 4G
Huawei SUN2000-12-15-17KTL-M5


Datasheet of Huawei On Grid Inverter SUN2000-12-15-17KTL-M5

Huawei On Grid Inverter SUN2000-12-15-17KTL-M5


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