Huawei On Grid Inverter SUN2000-17-20KTL-M2

The Huawei SUN2000-17-20KTL-M2 is a grid-tied solar inverter designed for residential and commercial solar power systems. Here are some key details about this inverter:

  1. Output Power: The SUN2000-17-20KTL-M2 inverter is available in different power ratings, including 17 kW and 20 kW versions, making it suitable for a range of solar installations.
  2. High Efficiency: This inverter boasts high efficiency, with values reaching up to 98.3%.
  3. Input Voltage Range: It is designed to work with solar panels and has a wide input voltage range to accommodate varying solar conditions.
  4. Grid Compatibility: The inverter is compatible with both 50 Hz and 60 Hz grid frequencies.
  5. Multiple MPP Trackers: It supports multiple Maximum Power Point (MPP) trackers, which can improve the overall performance of the solar system.
  6. Cooling: The inverter is equipped with a cooling system to ensure it operates efficiently and doesn’t overheat.


Data sheet of Huawei On Grid Inverter SUN2000-17-20KTL-M2_High_Current_Version:

Huawei On Grid Inverter SUN2000-17-20KTL-M2



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