JA Solar Panel JAM72D30 525-550 MB

JA D30 Series bifacial modules are assembled with 11BB PERCIUM cells in a half-cut configuration with glass on the front and back. D30 series modules have a slightly larger footprint than the D10 series. Module cables are also 1300mm (slightly longer than the previous series).

Key Features: These double glass modules are made up of multi-busbar 11-busbar bifacial PERC cells and a half-cut configuration. They can convert light that is reflected from both the front and back of the module to provide higher output power, a lower temperature coefficient, less shading loss, and better resistance to mechanical loading.

JAM72D30 525-550 MB


Datasheet of JA Solar Panel JAM72D30 525-550 MB

JA Solar Panel JAM72D30 525-550 MB


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