JA Solar Panel JAM72D30 555-580 LR

The “JA Solar Panel JAM72D30 555-580 LR” appears to be a specific model of solar panel manufactured by JA Solar. Here’s some information about it:

  1. Manufacturer: JA Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar PV panels and other solar products in India and China.
  2. Model: The specific model you mentioned, “JAM72D30 555-580 LR,” seems to be a part of JA Solar’s product lineup. It falls within the power range of 555-580W, which suggests it has a high wattage capacity.
  3. Efficiency: JA Solar is known for producing efficient solar panels, but for specific information about the efficiency of this model, you may want to refer to their official website or contact a solar panel supplier for more details.
JAM72D30 555-580 LR


Datasheet of JA Solar Panel JAM54S30 -415-440 LRJA Solar Panel JAM72D30 555-580 LR



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