JA Solar Panel JAM72D40 575-600 LB N-Type

The JA Solar Panel you mentioned, the JAM72D40 575-600 LB N-Type, appears to be a specific model of solar panel manufactured by JA Solar. Here’s some information about it:

  1. Manufacturer: JA Solar is known for manufacturing solar panels and related products. They offer a range of solar panels with varying specifications and capabilities.
  2. Model: The model you mentioned, JAM72D40 575-600 LB N-Type, seems to be part of the “Deep Blue 4.0X” series by JA Solar, with a power output range of 575-600 watts, and it is an N-Type solar panel.
  3. Performance: JA Solar panels are generally known for their good performance, with above-average specifications. However, for specific details about this model’s performance, you may need to refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet or contact a JA Solar distributor for more information.
  4. Bifacial and Double Glass: Some JA Solar panels are bifacial and come with double glass, which can enhance their efficiency and durability. Depending on the exact specifications of the JAM72D40 575-600 LB N-Type, it might have these features.
  5. High Efficiency: JA Solar panels are often designed for high efficiency, so it’s likely that this model, being part of the Deep Blue 4.0X series, also aims for high efficiency.
JAM72D40 575-600 LB N-Type


Datasheet of JA Solar Panel JAM72D40 575-600 LB N-Type

JA Solar Panel JAM72D40 575-600 LB N-Type


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