JA Solar Panel JAM72S30 540-565 GR

The JA Solar Panel JAM72S30 540-565/GR is part of the Deep Blue 3.0 Pro series produced by JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  1. Product Specification:
    • The panel is labeled as JAM72S30, indicating it’s part of the Deep Blue 3.0 Pro series.
    • It has a power output range of 540-565 watts (W) per panel, which can vary slightly.
    • The “/GR” in the designation may refer to the color or specific variant of the panel, but it’s not clear from the provided information.
  2. High Efficiency:
    • JA Solar panels are known for their high efficiency and performance in solar power systems. They are considered a great choice for residential solar installations.
  3. Half-Cell Design:
    • The “MBB Half Cell” in the description suggests that this panel likely features a half-cell design. Half-cell panels often offer better efficiency and performance due to reduced resistive losses.
JAM72S30 540-565 GR


Datasheet of JA Solar Panel JAM72S30 540-565 GRJA Solar Panel JAM72S30 540-565 GR



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