Commercial solar system in Pakistan

commercial solar system in pakistan

Commercial solar system in Pakistan

The solar system is a popularly growing sustainable energy resource that provides environment-friendly and carbon-free electricity. People switch themselves to this utmost quality of the system and get rid of the high prices of conventional electricity. Therefore, the value of commercial solar system in Pakistan is increasing day by day. People switch their shops, plazas, and offices to this top-notch quality of the solar system. Solar setup plays a pivotal role in every sector, including domestic, commercial, and industrial. They make you independent from the grid station to generate electricity as per your requirements. 

Advantages of using commercial solar system in Pakistan

There are so many advantages to using commercial solar system in Pakistan.

  • Generate electricity freely.
  • Low electricity bills.
  • Low dependency on grid station.
  • Export the excess generated electricity to the grid station.
  • Give smooth electricity to the electrical equipment.

Steps to install a commercial solar system

Installing the solar system in commercial buildings according to these steps.

Firstly you need to contact a high-profile solar solution service provider like UNI SOLAR. They have a professional team, which is fully equipped with the updated tools to cover up your project and complete the tasks on time.

They visit your site and give you a proper suggestion on where to get the maximum amount of solar radiation to generate electricity. Then, according to your load capacity, they install solar panels professionally so that they can generate electricity from day one and help you become economically strong.

commercial solar system in pakistan

Maintenance tips:

The commercial solar system in Pakistan requires a low level of maintenance. They just need to demand clean up and dust-free to get a maximum of solar energy to produce electricity. Photovoltaic cells work properly when they are clean and dust-free. Their maintenance did not require a high expense. 

Financing options for commercial solar projects:

The government and other banks are also interested in these projects. They also want to create clean electricity and make this earth healthy and pollution-free. They provide a loan with a low markup to install the commercial solar system in Pakistan. You can easily make a final deal with them and install the solar system on your roof to produce electricity. In this way, you can make electricity freely using three different options, On-Grid, second, OFF-Grid, and Third Hybrid. You can choose the best option based on the requirements of your area. These are all different in their structure and backup sources.

How to choose the right solar installer:

There are various solar installer companies in the market that provide solar solutions at different prices depending on your load capacity. To get the best one you need to contact them and get their quotation. Try to connect with the top of the solar companies. Read out their services and compare them with each other. In this way, you have enough knowledge to communicate with the best solar solution company and understand the technical parameters easily. This will help you to get top-quality equipment and close a deal at an affordable budget.

Why choose Uni Solar?

Uni Solar is one of the best company that provide top-quality equipment for commercial solar system in Pakistan. They have a fruitful relationship with the leading manufacturing companies and import solar equipment in bulk. You can easily get the best quality solar panels ad inverters at an economical price. Further with the help of an expert team, they complete your task on time and give you the lavish look which you require.

Common FAQ’s

What is a commercial solar energy system?

A commercial solar energy system is a procedure used by the solar system to produce energy for a commercial building. With the help of top-notch quality solar plates and inverters, it converts the maximum amount of solar energy into electricity.

What are the three types of solar power system?

The three types of solar systems are the ON-Grid solar system, the OFF-Grid solar system, and the Hybrid solar system.

What size is a commercial solar system?

The size of the commercial solar system are little bit increased as compared to residential solar systems. It has 96 cells and 78 inches by 39 inches.

Which type of solar system is best for the commercial sector?

A hybrid solar system is best for the commercial sector. Because it has dual functionality like it can get a back energy from batteries as well as grid station. In this way, your equipment will not be disturbed and they can get smooth electricity without any fluctuation.

How much does a commercial solar system cost in Pakistan?

There are different prices as per the loading capacity. The 6KW solar system is about 720,000, 10KW for 1,320,000 rupees. Before installing the solar system you need to figure out your required load and which type of solar system will be suitable for commercial building.

Can commercial solar system operate independently of the grid?

Commercial solar system can be operated independently when it is based on an OFF-Grid solar system. In this type of solar system, the system takes the backup energy from the batteries when the solar panel does not generate electricity. In this type, the system generates the electricity independently and provides smooth electricity to the electrical equipment.

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