Guide about solar ac price in Pakistan 2024

solar ac

Guide about solar ac price in Pakistan 2024

What is Solar AC?

Air conditioning systems that use solar energy, either directly or indirectly, to cool interior spaces are referred to as solar air conditioning (AC). This cutting-edge technology provides a sustainable substitute for conventional air conditioners that run on electricity by using solar energy, one of the most plentiful and renewable energy sources.

Photovoltaic (PV) and thermal solar air conditioners are the two main types of solar AC systems. Solar panels are used in photovoltaic solar AC systems to convert sunlight into electricity, which operates the air conditioner. This process is comparable to other solar-powered appliances in that the electricity generated by the solar panels is either used right away or stored in batteries for later use. Because the amount of sunshine that is available determines the efficiency of PV solar ACs, they are more appropriate for areas with high solar irradiation.


Thermal solar ACs, on the other hand, absorb and transform sunlight into heat using solar thermal collectors. The heat generated after that powers a thermally activated cooling mechanism, typically an adsorption or absorption chiller. Thermal solar ACs use the heat from the sun to provide cooling instead of converting it into energy like photovoltaic systems do.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Air Conditioning

There are many advantages to solar-powered air conditioning, especially in a place like Pakistan where energy issues and climate dictate the need for sustainable cooling options.

The first benefit is that solar-powered AC units dramatically lower electricity expenditures. Pakistan’s hot environment makes air conditioning a necessity rather than a luxury, especially in the summer. A cost-effective alternative to the excessive energy use of conventional air conditioners, solar ACs make use of the abundant sunlight and transform it into energy to power cooling systems.

These systems also help achieve energy independence. Pakistan’s electrical grid has experienced issues, such as frequent blackouts. In remote or rural places where grid electricity is less dependable, solar ACs offer a dependable alternative, decreasing reliance on the national grid and lessening the effects of power outages.

Sustainability in the environment is yet another important benefit. Compared to traditional ACs that depend on power produced from fossil fuels, solar ACs use renewable energy, which means they have a smaller environmental impact. This adjustment aids in the worldwide fight against climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, Pakistan’s national policies emphasizing renewable energy are consistent with the utilization of solar ACs.

Finally, the efficiency and affordability of solar AC systems have grown due to technological breakthroughs. Even in locations with less intense sunlight, the most recent models remain a viable alternative due to their increased efficiency in converting solar energy. It is anticipated that these systems will become more affordable as technology develops, which will promote their usage even more.

Solar AC Price in Pakistan

Pakistan’s market for solar air conditioning (AC) systems is expanding, providing an economical and environmentally responsible way to meet the nation’s cooling requirements. Several factors, such as the kind, capacity, brand, and technology employed, affect the cost of solar ACs in Pakistan, which varies significantly.

Solar AC systems can be hybrid, on-grid, or off-grid, depending on the application. These units’ capacity, which is usually expressed in tons, affects how much they cost as well. Commercial models can be larger, but residential units typically weigh between one and two tons.

Basic solar AC units in Pakistan start at about PKR 100,000/- and can cost up to PKR 500,000/- or more for high-capacity, cutting-edge models. Inverters, batteries (if necessary), panels, and the actual AC unit are typically included in this pricing.

Top Solar AC Brands in Pakistan

Inverex: Inverex has become a major force in Pakistan’s solar AC industry. Inverex solar ACs are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and are valued for their longevity. Advanced inverter technology is a common element of their products, which guarantees energy savings. A variety of goods that fit different budgets and the brand’s dedication to sustainable solutions make Inverex a well-liked option.

Haier: With a significant following in Pakistan, Haier is a well-known brand throughout the world. Because of their advanced characteristics, such as smart control, energy-efficient operations, and dependability, their solar ACs stand out. Haier’s emphasis on incorporating cutting-edge technology into their solar AC models meets the needs of a tech-savvy consumer base seeking economical and environmentally responsible cooling options.

Gree: Gree has a solid reputation for producing high-quality air conditioners, and their solar ACs are no different. These units are renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency and cooling capacity. Consumers looking for long-term dependability frequently choose Gree’s solar ACs because of their user-friendly interfaces and sturdy construction.

Kenwood: This manufacturer provides a selection of cost-effective and highly effective solar AC units. Their products offer a good mix of performance and price, making them suitable for the wide range of demands of the Pakistani market. The company is well-known for its after-sale services and customer-focused philosophy.

Dawlance: Dawlance is a well-known brand in Pakistan, and its solar ACs are renowned for their dependability and effectiveness. The company has been an early adopter of solar technology, providing units that are economical and eco-friendly. When looking for a dependable local brand, Dawlance solar ACs are a popular option.

LG: LG’s cutting-edge technology and superior quality have made it a market leader in the solar AC industry. LG solar ACs are a popular option for customers seeking cutting-edge features and superior performance because of their reputation for being energy-efficient and stylish. LG’s eco-friendly AC models are clear examples of their dedication to sustainability.

Orient: Orient, a Pakistani native brand, provides high-quality and reasonably priced solar AC units. The company has a devoted following of customers and is well-known for emphasizing energy conservation. The newest inverter technology is frequently included in Orient’s solar AC models, which gives them a competitive edge over other options.

TCL: TCL is well-known in the solar AC industry for providing cost-effective and effective solutions. Their models come with contemporary features and are made to be as energy-efficient as possible while offering optimal cooling. When looking for high-quality solar ACs on a budget, buyers often turn to TCL.

Changhong Ruba: With its solar AC products, Changhong Ruba is gaining ground in the Pakistani market. These ACs, which are renowned for their dependability and long lifespan, are becoming more and more popular for their affordable prices and dependable cooling options. People searching for reasonably priced solar ACs are increasingly turning to this brand.

Mitsubishi: Known for its cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance, Mitsubishi is a world leader in air conditioning, and its solar ACs in Pakistan are well-liked. Because they cater to a market seeking high-end cooling options, Mitsubishi solar ACs are renowned for their dependability, energy economy, and cutting-edge features.

Samsung: The brand’s reputation for quality and innovation is embodied in Samsung’s solar ACs available in Pakistan. These appliances are praised for their clever features, elegant appearance, and energy efficiency. Technologically knowledgeable consumers choose Samsung because of their dedication to incorporating cutting-edge technology into their solar ACs.

Pakistan Electronics Limited (PEL) is a reputable company in the nation, and its solar air conditioners are much sought after for their dependability and effectiveness. A combination of performance and value, PEL solar ACs are renowned for their affordability and are specifically tailored to the demands of the Pakistani market.

Current Market Trends: Solar ACs in Pakistan

Pakistan’s market for solar air conditioners (ACs) is undergoing a major shift due to the nation’s growing energy needs and strong preference for sustainable alternatives. The market’s current trends show that consumers are becoming more aware of and receptive to solar AC technology.

Is provide solar ac in Pakistan?

UniSolar does not seem to offer solar air conditioning systems in Pakistan, particularly. Their primary focus appears to be on other solar energy products and solutions.


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