Tubular battery price in Pakistan 2024

tubular battery price in Pakistan

Tubular battery price in Pakistan 2024

What are Tubular Batteries?

Tubular batteries represent the pinnacle of battery technology, combining exceptional performance with a long lifespan. These batteries are the go to option for heavy duty applications because of their unique tubular plates and ability to tolerate deep and repeated cycles of charge and discharge. Because of their strong internal structure, which lessens the chance of corrosion and plate shedding, tubular batteries are more durable and efficient than typical flat-plate batteries.
One of the most notable benefits of tubular batteries is their seamless handling of additional loads. This quality is essential for systems like solar panels, which depend on a steady and dependable power supply, as well as for enterprises that use large machinery. Tubular batteries, which guarantee a steady supply of energy even under heavy loads, significantly improve the performance of solar systems. Despite the initial higher cost, the battery’s resistance to intensive usage not only increases operating efficiency but also lengthens its lifespan, providing long-term financial benefits.

The tubular battery price in Pakistan is a reflection of its superior quality and performance. Even though it could seem pricey in comparison to other battery types, its higher performance and endurance make the investment worthwhile, especially in industries where a steady and dependable supply of energy is essential. A tubular battery is a great complement to both commercial and residential energy solutions since it may significantly increase system efficiency and lower long-term maintenance and replacement costs.

Top Brands of Tubular Battery Prices in Pakistan

Various brands are providing tubular batteries in Pakistan which are discussed below:

  • Phoenix
  • Osaka
  • Volta
  • Exide

Due to their efficiency and longevity, tubular batteries have become increasingly popular in Pakistan’s energy sector. Because of this need, other brands have emerged with their distinctive approaches to tubular battery technology, each with different features and pricing points. Phoenix, Volta, Osaka, and EXIDE are a few of the well-known brands among them; they all contribute to Pakistan’s diverse array of tubular battery brands.

Phoenix tubular batteries are renowned for their durable construction and enduring capabilities. Because of their robust construction, these tubular batteries can be used in both industrial and residential settings. Phoenix has successfully struck a balance between price and quality, which has made its products a popular option for customers seeking dependability at an affordable cost. Phoenix tubular battery price in Pakistan is starting from 16500 to 60000.

Another significant competitor in the industry, Volta, is notable for its cutting-edge approach to battery technology. Their tubular batteries are designed to provide excellent efficiency, which is especially useful in solar power systems where a steady supply of energy is essential. Volta is positioned in the mid-to-high class because of its advanced features, which tend to match its price range. Volta tubular battery price in Pakistan depends upon the battery “AMP”

Osaka tubular batteries are well-known for their adaptability and are used in many different applications, providing a decent trade-off between cost and functionality. They are the best option for people looking for affordable solutions without sacrificing effectiveness. The price range of Osaka tubular batteries in Pakistan is (18000 to 65000).

Premium tubular batteries from the well-known brand EXIDE are known for their durability and quality. They serve a market that values greater performance and a longer lifespan, and their products are at the higher end of the price range. Exide tubular battery price in Pakistan depends upon the battery watts you want but generally, it starts from (18000 to 85000).

The Price range of tubular batteries in Pakistan is usually between [16,500/ to 85000/]. The prices depend upon the company in which you are looking for the battery. The tubular battery price in Pakistan differs between brands like Phoenix, Volta, Osaka, and EXIDE, each of which offers unique features that cater to different demands and tastes. Because of this variety, customers are guaranteed to find a tubular battery that meets their needs, regardless of how important longevity, efficiency, or affordability are to them.

Key Considerations in Selecting a Tubular Battery

To make sure you get the most out of your investment when buying a tubular battery, especially in a country with as diverse a market as Pakistan, there are several aspects to carefully consider. It’s important to know what to search for because the price of tubular batteries in Pakistan is affected by a variety of factors.

First and foremost, battery life is a crucial factor. The longevity of a tubular battery is a good indicator of its quality and robustness. Choose longer-lasting batteries because they are more dependable and require fewer replacements over time. This is especially crucial in Pakistan because there are frequent power outages there.

Another crucial element is the guarantee that is provided. A thorough warranty card is a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and can be used as a trust indicator. It also offers a safety net in case unanticipated problems arise.

Physical state is an important consideration. Steer clear of batteries that seem rough or damaged, since this can seriously affect their lifespan and performance.

Find out what the load capacity of the battery is. It is imperative to ascertain the battery’s efficient load capacity, particularly if you intend to utilize it for high-demand applications. Since higher-capacity batteries are typically more expensive but provide superior performance, there is often a correlation between their capacity and the price of tubular batteries in Pakistan.

Finally, think about the after-sales support and reputation of the brand. Reputable brands frequently provide higher-quality and dependable customer support, which is quite helpful for upkeep and repairs. The tubular battery price in Pakistan mostly depends upon the considerations and your requirements

Where to Buy Tubular Batteries in Pakistan

There are two main approaches to purchasing a tubular battery in Pakistan that accommodate the varying needs and desires of purchasers. The best option for people who like to make their purchases in person is to go to the closest specialty battery market. This guarantees instant satisfaction with the purchase by enabling a physical examination and direct communication with the vendor. Alternatively, a variety of trustworthy online stores provide a large selection of tubular batteries for the ease and convenience of online shopping. Online shopping has been a popular and effective option for many due to the availability of comprehensive product descriptions, consumer reviews, and the convenience of home delivery on many websites.

 Is unisolar.pk provides a battery?

In Pakistan, Uni Solar provides complete solar packages that include dependable tubular batteries as part of their total solutions.

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